Custom Ice Racing Performance Parts

We offer a full complement of Ice Racing parts and accessories as well as full service for setting up your ice racing bike. Please contact us for more information. Below are parts and accessories we offer for Ice Racing/Riding. Have fun out there, there's really nothing more fun than gliding around on the ice!!

Services we offer:

Professional suspension lowering. Done correctly and with the correct springs and dampening rates for incredible handling characteristics. We match every rider with the correct springs for their ability, weight, and bike. 

 High-performance engine building. We can build all levels of high-performance engines for ice racing. From 100cc fire-breathing XR100s to CRF450s. We've built all the championship winning engines in the greater area. We have a DynoJet dyno and can tune your F.I. bike and dial in any combination you need for racing. Call for more details. 

Ice tire mounting: We mount ice tires all winter long and are very knowledgeable about this. These tires can be tricky to mount and can be damaged permanently without proper knowledge and mounting techniques.

Ice racing fenders: We can either fabricate ice fenders for your ice bike or sell you kits to do it yourself.

Check out this video of a 2016 Honda CRF250R we lowered the suspension on for ice racing. Our ice bikes are by far the best handling ice bikes in the northeast and perhaps in the country. We very confident in this area. Please consider having us do your suspension. Notice how this bike goes where it's pointed and turns mid corner.....on a dime! Your bike must handle well to win races! This is more important than making big HP.

This is in regular speed. Shows how well the bike handles, left and right. Click here to view

Slow motion version to see how well the front wheel carves. Click here